Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hunger to succeed in Ramadhan.

Saya lupa dari ceramah mana saya ambil nota ni.  Dan ia ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris.
Its topic is The Hunger to Succeed in Ramadhan.  Points taken from the talk I’ve listened in the you tube I guess:

1.      High expectation to be more successful in Ramadhan and prepare for it.
2.      Set your goal – ultimately a higher goal, for example entering Jannah, or finishing Quran , perform tahajjud prayer every night.
3.      Build confidence in Ramadhan
4.      Do what you love to do in Ramadhan, for example, read Quran, read books, qiyamullail.  Choose and start doing more and more.
5.      Learn from the best or expert.  Read stories of Prophet Muhammad PBUH/Sirah.
6.      Find a righteous company.
7.      Go all out.  Make priority to achieve the goal.  For example, our Prophet Muhammad perform qiyamullail every night to get to higher level.
8.      Be prepared, be adaptable to changes happened.  For example there are emergency time where you have to do some adjustment but do not quit if you fall behind.
9.      Remind yourself of the virtue what you’re doing.  Or have someone to remind you.  Keep hadith about Ramadhan at hands especially when get tired or demotivated.
10.  Never give up.  Read surah Yusoff.  Believers never give up hope of Allah’s mercy and continue till the last hour of Ramadhan.